R & M Construction, Inc. keys to success

  1. The success of our organization goes beyond our mission statement. Success is found in the firm's vision, philosophy and values.
  2. Our primary management philosophy is one of client sovereignty.
  3. We are here to serve you, our client. To add value to the development and construction process and services needed to develop and construct your facility.
  4. Client sovereignty creates the following values within the firm:

    • Relationships - Partnerships with the clients.
    • Financial Accountability - Both internally and to the client.
    • Safety - A moral philosophy
    • Schedule - Beyond “On Time”
    • Integrity - Above All Else!

  5. Application of R & M Construction Inc. mission statement and philosophy to a project ensures that the client receives the utmost priority and attention. Client expectations will not only be met but exceeded as R & M Construction, Inc. maintains its integrity as one of the nations Unique construction companies.

Our people are hard working, team oriented, dedicated to their profession and extremely good to work with. Our clients decision to repeatedly select our firm is not based on our extensive track record of successful projects or the number of awards and strong references, they turn to R & M Construction Inc. because of our people.

707 S. Serenity Lane - Stillwater, OK 74074
phone: 405-372-0813 - fax: 405-707-0897